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Enhance Your ECMO Training

EigenFlow's scenarios now automated.

Automatic Mode

Simplify running

EigenFlow with 12

buit-in scenarios.

Pump Chatter

Generate pump chatter easily with customized settings

Updated Blood Monitor

Now with more blood parameters and up to five lines of display.

App Gallery

Utilized By

Troubleshooting your life support?

Improve your clinician's response time.

Product Inquiries, demos, and support

Have any new ideas on how you can improve your ECMO team training?
Contacts us below.

Control EigenFlow with your Touch

About us 

Curtis Life Research LLC engages in the research and development of hi-fidelity medical simulators for life-saving treatments.

Founded with over 5 years of medical simulation experience. Our story begins with an idea, a garage, and the passion to heal.

Contact us

For product inquiries, onsite demonstration requests, technical support, and legal questions, contact us here:

+1 (317) 513-3204


For shipping and mailing:

133 W. Market St. #160
Indianapolis, IN 46204
United States

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